Make your business elastic

Keep up with the information age and be elastic. Adapt to the fast-changing market or simply set up your own rules. Sustain your business growth with our IT services and comprehensive telecommunication solutions.

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What does it take to be elastic

Be always step ahead of your competition

Respond quickly to customers’ demands

Be ready for unexpected

Adapt to the market

Discover our complex solutions


Our wide range portfolio of Fix telecommunication services offers everything from internet connectivity, through VPN and MPLS networks and voice lines to wholesale and international services. Our number one priority is to provide solutions your business can rely on. Therefore, all services we provide are backed-up, so high standard SLA is contractually guaranteed.


The corner-stones of our company are flexibility and fairness. We are providing businesses with simple and fair communication services for their employees or their IoT & M2M devices. Our company has changed in a way that we can now provide made-to-measure solutions and keep your business running efficiently no matter what happens in the market.


ICT solutions and Cloud services are the tools of tomorrow for today’s business growth. Despites all the benefits of these solutions, starting is not always easy. Therefore, we provide all our customers with professional consultations and help them to design, implement and launch the solution. Our product portfolio ranges from server virtualisation, through to storage and back-up as a service to complex disaster recovery solutions.




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